Oil Lubrication System

When you are extracting oil and gas your ships are often at locations that are not located close to anything. And your ships are often exposed to extreme conditions. For example ships often have high pressure, heavy temperature fluctuations, seawater. But even under the most difficult conditions, the installations on the ship must remain safe and active thanks to an oil lubrication system.

Trustlube keeps these ships up and running, thanks to their knowledge and expertise of oils and lubricants. Also due to their innovative lubrication systems, trustlube ensures that the production platforms of oil and gas run smoothly.

Due to efficient and targeted lubrication you will extend the lifetime of your installations and thus you will prevent early decay. Also thanks to this, you will have to invest less time in lubricating en in maintenance. In this way they not only increase the productivity of installations, but they also contribute to asset integrity, availability and safety.

Trustlube can supply your ships and installations with a lubrication system. They will make sure that the oil is being used as efficient as possible, which will result in more oil being saved. This is beneficial because it will reduce the risk of oil spills and soil contamination. Trustlube provides innovative lubrication systems for facilities that are involved in oil & gas production, mining or process industries.

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